“My Soul To Take” – Review

Oh Wes Craven; thank you for not letting us down.  The level of cliche and cheese you reached in your prior films has not peaked; you have proven it to be alive and well in your newest horror thriller, My Soul to Take.

My Soul To Take is the latest horror thriller from Wes Craven (you may remember him from a little movie called Scream, no? Well how about Last House on the Left? Nightmare on Elm Street? kay get out from your rock and join the real world).  Anyway, in true horror fashion Wes leaves the audience with a straightforward (yet somehow convoluted?) plot line.  The Ripper, killed 16 years ago to date, is now targeting seven kids; the same seven born on the day he allegedly died. All seven are now marked for death. (Remember from your lit. classes folks, 7 is a magic number; no I will not talk more about that. Just sayin’… okay moving on).

So despite the basic plot of seven teenage kids all marked for death on the day of their birth because of an evil serial killer who happened to wait sixteen years to come back and avenge his death; it was a good movie.  I thought that the acting was actually pretty good considering the cast is a bunch of no name teenagers (except the main character Bug payed by Max Theriot who you may remember from The Pacifier with Vin Diesel from a few years back. And Alex played by John Marago was that really creepy kid from The Box). I liked the story line.  I liked the villian (the concept of the villian included).  I think that Wes pulled out all the stops with this new movie; there was gore, surprise, cliche, tragedy and light.  I think that there were definitely all the good elements to make a fine piece of horror fiction.

I have a lot more to say psychologically and analytically but I don’t want to ruin it for those of you movie goers who are going to go to amazon.com or netflix.com right now and go digitially rent it LOL

Honestly though, if you like horror movies in any scale you will probably enjoy this movie.  Then again, we all know I’m easy to please.  But Wes has always been and will always be one of my favorite writer/directors; so it’s good to see good works still coming from him.


2 thoughts on ““My Soul To Take” – Review

  1. Mindy February 12, 2011 / 7:43 pm

    Okay I think I already mentioned on your FB that I really want to see this now. I had no idea this a was a Wes Craven movie so I am super excited!!! 🙂

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