Uninvited – Amanda Marrone

Book review time!

The story of a girl, Jordan, who’s undead ex-boyfriend is stalking her! Will she succumb to his wicked charms, or will she have the power to say “begone” and put this undead nightmare to rest!?

Well, I won’t tell you the answer to that question, but I will say this was a pretty good book.  Jordan kind of pissed me off a lot though, not gonna lie.  She was a good character in that she really was the typical teenager, standing up for yourself, finding what you really feel and really just acting to be your own person.  That being said, she smoked, drank and partied way too much! I mean yikes.  I really hope if I’m ever forced into maternity that my children do not behave like her and her friends; undead boyfriends or not.  Dang. 

Also, the undead boyfriend thing.  Well, he was such a miner character really, when looking at the overall plot, that I was kind of upset. I mean I love vampires (shocker!) so when I was reading and vampires were only mentioned a handful of times I was kind of annoyed.  I mean Michael (the vampire ex) was a centric part of the story, and Jordan’s behaviours were dicated by his character; but the story wasn’t really about vampirism at all.  So that was definitely an intriguing aspect of the story.

Overall, not Marrone’s best work.  “Revealers” is probably her best piece to date. I didn’t think it was a waste of time though; it took me maybe three hours to read. Nice a fun.  A good book to just kind of read and be done.


One thought on “Uninvited – Amanda Marrone

  1. Mindy February 2, 2011 / 2:06 am

    YES and it was revealers that I liked!! Whew awesome thanks for clearing that up! Lol!!

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