“Water for Elephants” – Sara Gruen

Book Review: “Water For Elephants” by Sara Gruen

“Water for Elephants” is about a man, Jacob Jankowski, whose parents die, causing him to sprial by dropping out of Cornell and essentially joining a circus.  The book has two alternating plot points, both of which revolve around the circus. 

This book was beautiful.  Emotional.  Romantic.  Horrifyin.  Sad.  Uplifting.  There is no real way to describe this book without giving things away.  I could go on and on about Jacob, the kindness and goodness inside him; I could write tomes about Marlena and the mixed feelings I have towards her.  I could discuss the horror that is slave labor and the disgust I feel at the way things operated in the 1930’s.  But whatever I have to say about this book can’t fully be appreciated until this book is read.

If this book doesn’t seem like something you will like; it honestly might not be.  I think that this book takes a certain amount of finese to read honestly.  But read it.  Get through it.  The last page is worth the other 334.  I promise.  I mean, I don’t usually read “real” literature books but I’m glad I read this one.


One thought on ““Water for Elephants” – Sara Gruen

  1. Mindy January 25, 2011 / 1:08 am

    I am really gonna try and read this again!! After this review I really want to!! I wish I had stuck with it the first time I tried it!! 🙂

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