“Devilish” – Maureen Johnson

Review of the book “Devilish”

The book “Devilish” was about a girl, Jane, whose best friend Allison, suddenly starts acting suspcious; and is secretly dating Jane’s ex-boyfriend Elton.  Also, who is this mysterious new freshmen, Owen, and why is Allison suddenly really popular? Jane has to figure out exactly why her world is fine one day and crazy the next.  Oh, and by the way, someone’s been making deals with demons…

This book was very interesting.  It was a Maureen Johnson, that was why I read it.  It was a little different from Marueen’s other works (or at least the ones that I’ve read).  Maureen usually writes about lovely teen dramas, or finding oneself and while those components were in this novel there was also the supernatural element of demons; which was fun.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the demonic element of the novel or if I thought it was too weird… having read the book I decided that I liked it.

I think that this book had a lot of the same heart that her other books have; and the supernatural element fed right up my alley.  There was similar clever dialogue as her other books but I feel like it was toned down slightly.  The book was half and half for me; I liked it but I also was kind of blaise about it the whole time.  I think overall though it was a good book.  I like Johnson’s writing style so pretty much everything she writes is good. 🙂


One thought on ““Devilish” – Maureen Johnson

  1. Mindy January 22, 2011 / 1:35 pm

    I don’t think I’ll ever read it, but it is awesome to find an author you like and just devour everything by them!! 🙂

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