“No Strings Attached” – Movie Review

“No Strings Attached” movie review

Josh: Hey look, there’s a string attached. xD

The movie “No Strings Attached” was about two friends who decided to become friends-with-benefits.  But can they keep up the charade of casual encounters? Or will one of them fall-in-love and ruin everything!?

This movie was a very typical romantic comedy.  It had the elements of fun that you would expect from any romantic comedy (and particularly an Ashton movie).  Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher had really good chemistry I think.  I like the way they palyed off each other; and I’m also liking Natalie as an actress independently (I don’t think I had given her much credit before “Black Swan”). 

Anyway, I believe that this movie was just what you’d expect.  Cute. Dramatic. Etc etc. That being said I also think it went a little beyond your average “omg their best friends, I bet they get together in the end” plot.  It was rated R which is rare for a movie of this genre.  With the extended rating it allowed them to do and say more, obviously, so it was great because they would just say the dirtiest things and it was hillarious.  I enjoyed that they had more room to behave more like real people would and not necessarily the cookie-cutter scripts that PG13 romantic comedies play into.

I think this movie is obvious and predictable but it was still a great movie.  I recommend seeing it, particularly if you like these kinds of movies to begin with (or like the idea of Ashton’s naked bum).


One thought on ““No Strings Attached” – Movie Review

  1. Mindy January 22, 2011 / 1:38 pm

    I liked this movie too! For the same reasons! I enjoyed that they had more liberty because of the R rating as well. 🙂 great fun!!

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