“Song of Myself”- Walt Whitman

I was inspired to read the epic poem after reading “Paper Towns” by John Green. 

I do not have much experience with poetry to be honest.  I thoroughly enjoy lyrics to songs, and poetry has a rhythmic flowing message so I should, therefore, enjoy poetry yes? Well, I gave this poem a shot and I found myself both bored and intrigued.

It was kind of a monologue about life.  And there were a lot of really great lines (or stanzas, whatever they’re called).  I liked the overall idea of the poem, and I think that Mr. Whitman and I would have gotten along in another life.  I also enjoyed the idea of interconnectedness, and oneness… I think this poem holds a lot of value to life.  It’s a very interesting concept.

If you want to read the epic poem you can find it here


that’s where I read it.  Enjoy fellow would-be poets


One thought on ““Song of Myself”- Walt Whitman

  1. Mindy January 22, 2011 / 1:40 pm

    yea…I am not much on poetry!! I tried some in High School, but never really went that far. I do quote them from time to time though!

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