Nana 2 – Review

Nana 2 continues the story that Nana one began; the story of Nana and Hachi and the things in life that pull us closer and force us apart.  This movie focuses mainly on Hachi and the decisions she makes in her life (that effect Nana and BLAST).

I enjoyed this movie greatly.  It went farther than I read in the manga (or maybe the managa never went here I’m not sure.  It was still a focused story; about true friendship and love; on feelings of inadequacy, hope, chasing dreams.  The cast was the same as in the first Nana so that was really nice.  I loved the songs and the acting; and I really enjoyed the plot.

That being said, and hopefully without ruining the movie for anyone who might want to watch it someday, I hated the end of the movie.  I just felt frustrated at a couple of the characters; but at least the conflict of the movie was resolved so there were no underlying questionings our inadequacies. 

I think that, with my personal taste aside, you should totally watch the movie.  It was really good.  You need to watch the first one first, obviously.  It was still wonderful, emotional, glorious film. 

Again this film is subtitled but that only adds to the movie.  This way you get to hear the original raw emotion that the Japanese actors and actresses were portraying.


2 thoughts on “NANA 2

  1. Mindy January 13, 2011 / 6:44 pm

    Sounds like as much fun as Nana 1! 🙂

    • writeforabsolution January 13, 2011 / 6:49 pm

      I liked NANA1 better… but NANA2 was still good. It made me cry haha

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