“Take Me There” – Carolee Dean

“Take Me There” by Carolee Dean:

This book is about a boy, Dylan Dawson, who gets into a lot of trouble (in fact trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes).  One night, when things get real bad Dylan and his friend Wade travel to Texas to see Dylan’s father, who is sitting on death row awaiting execution…

The first thing I can say is that this book is written really well.  There is an interesting mixture of past writing (which takes place before Dylan and Wade leave for Texas), present writing (Dylan and Wade’s journey through Texas to uncover Dylan’s past), poetry, and another portion which is written from Dylan’s father’s point of view.  I immediately fell into the way that the story flashbacked and forward.  Reading this book was like fixing a jigsaw puzzle together, you find a piece you think fits and then you realize another piece fits there, so a new whole has been opened in a different part of the story.  Maybe I’m not explaining it right, but I hope that comes out somewhat clear.  This book was really well written.

There is one part that literally made me cry (I cry during almost everything but this was legit); it describes what happens to a person on death row, how they go about their last hours of life.  I have never been a big supporter of the death penalty in the first place but the way death row was explained choked me up and I couldn’t handle it.  It was so heartbreaking and I think it was so well written.  This whole book is pretty much everything I look for in a story.

I highly recommend it.


One thought on ““Take Me There” – Carolee Dean

  1. Mindy December 30, 2010 / 12:30 pm

    Wow awesome review. I might have to borrow that from you!

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