“Black Swan” review and “Explicit Ills”

Black Swan review:

 Black Swan Poster

The movie “Black Swan” is described as being “a thriller that zeroes in on the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and her rival”.  Yes, and no.  The trailer and this statement are both true and misleading.  The movie was more about Nina (Natalie Portman)’s ability to expand her range as a dancer and grow into herself; exploring the many aspects of her nature.

The film was amazingly done.  The cinematography (Matthew Libatique) was very well done, the choreography (Benjamin Millepied) was amazing, the acting was really believable and the roles were casted perfectly.  There were some things in the movie I did not expect that were awkward/provocative but in the overall theme, motif of the movie these random acts of “awkward turtle” make sense.

The film did leave you with a sense of “yikes… that was messed up”, but I think it was messed up in a good way.  I liked the dynamics and the confusion.  I think this movie was amazingly well done for what it was.

Explicit Ills Review:

This is a movie about 4 interconnecting stories revolving around drugs and poverty in Philadelphia.

Now, I like Indi movies as much as the next person (maybe even more than some) but yikes.  I had to get that synopsis from IMDB because honestly this movie did not capitvate me.  It seemed like all four of these life stories were pointless… and then they randomly converaged at the end to form this really heartfelt and thought provoking final message.

I can sum up this movie in one sentence.  “Druggie, druggie, poor, asthma, poverty, health care, end.” The best part of this movie was Rosario Dawson, because she is amazing in everything she does.  I did appreciate the movie for it’s last five minutes of message (because really health care should be accesible to poor people), but other than that I just couldn’t get into this movie.

Good message, not well told.


One thought on ““Black Swan” review and “Explicit Ills”

  1. Mindy December 20, 2010 / 5:09 pm

    The more I think on black swan the more I agree with you. It was totally messed up, but thought provoking and to me, that makes a good movie. The acting was beautiful and of course Natalie was amazing! 🙂

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