Tron: Legacy and other random movie tangents :)

So, in theory this blog is about books and writing; what books are good, how my personal writing is progressing (or plummeting as it were).  However it stands to reason that I am a multi-dimensional girl and aside from reading great literary works and believing I can write some of my own masterpieces; I am also an avid fan of the visual arts.  I shall therefore take time now to discuss the fascinating art of virtual theatre.  Movies.  I see many new movies, almost all that come out in fact, since I love them so much.  I will write brief summaries and reviews for said movies and you will know that my excellent taste should never be questioned (shut up Michael).  Now.  On to my review of Tron: Legacy.

       In this installment of the series (there was an original circa 1982) we are united with Sam Flynn, rebel 27 year old who is in charge of his fathers’ franchise but doesn’t really want to be.  His father, whose name I’ve forgotten, disappeared 20 years ago, sucked into The Grid.

       Ah, the mysterious Grid.  My sources say that if you had seen the 1982 movie The Grid would be explained.  I wish I had seen the first one.  They do end up explaining The Grid throughout the film, I am just not a big enough computer geek to understand (and part of me feels like even computer nerds might be like ‘yea, not likely’).  I found some of the plot confusing (reliable sources say some of that would have gone away having seen the 1982 introduction; but even said source admitted some confusion when dealing with the isotopes). 

       Overall I enjoyed the film.  I wouldn’t rush out to see it again, but I’m not disappointed I saw it either.  The graphics were pretty cool, the acting was good (Jeff Bridges, and ‘thirteen’).  The script was slightly cheesy but that was part of its charm I believe.  The music was great (Journey, a lot of techno and Daft Punk).  I would say you should watch this film for sure.  I do intend on watching the 1982 prequel at some time, just to see if that helps me understand The Grid a little more. 


       Now, I will also use this post to blog about my favorite movies, seeing as how I’ve never done a movie blog before so I haven’t put into digital print the glorious reasons for liking my favorite movies.  I have a list of about 10 movies that I consider my favorites.  You’ll notice a theme.  I will divulge each one individually with a brief synopsis and why I love it.  NOTE: For a complete list without synopsis scroll to the bottom where I recap.

       STEP UP  – The story of an orphaned boy, growing up in the ghetto, being fostered by a less than perfect family.  Through a vandalism he is sentenced to community service at Maryland School of the Arts, and it is here that he not only finds a passion for something, but hope, and love.

       Okay, before you tell me how lame I am, this movie is fantastic.  The acting is good, the music is fun, the scenes are well played out, the characters real and honest. And the dancing is fantastic.  I know that this movie would never win an Oscar or anything, but there is just something about this hopeless boy, Tyler Gage, that makes me say, wow, his story is worth listening to.  I’ve always had a soft spot for troubled teens.

       TITANIC – The story of two people, separated by class and connected by fate.  Based on the true story of the luxury cruise liner on its first, and only journey, this movie tells of the lives lost, and the love that would never die.  (Honestly, if you don’t know what Titanic is about you need to get out of the house).

       This movie is beautiful.  The story, the script, the acting, the visuals.  Perfect.  It’s a love story with truth and I honestly can’t think of a reason not to like this movie.  Say what you want about it but I think James Cameron really hit the mark with this movie.

       ROMEO AND JULIET (CIRCA 1996) – A retelling of Shakespeare’s classic love tragedy. 

       I think that Leo and Claire played the parts of Romeo and Juliet perfectly.  The way they modernized it was not an abomination but a vision.  I think that this was one of the most well done mutilations ever.  Plus I’m a sucker for doomed love.

       TRISTAN AND ISOLDE – This story is also a fatalistic love story.  Two enemy lands and the young lovers that defy the odds. 

       Are you seeing a theme? Star-crossed lovers… it’s kind of my thing.  This movie was brilliantly told and moving, emotional. It was fantastic.

       INTO THE WILD  – based on the true story of Chris McEndless who decided he had had enough of society and went (fittingly) into the wild to discover more than this provincial life.

       This story was amazing. I cried, laughed, and was pensive.  I think that this movie has all the basic elements of a good movie, plus the good sense to be true to life.  I think if you don’t see this movie at least once in your life it’s a sad thing.

       REIGN OVER ME – the tragic story of a man who lost his family in 911 and submerges himself in music and remodeling, trying to forget that fateful day that touched the lives all of Americans.

       This was Adam Sandler’s best role to date.  There is no way he will have create a movie that has more heart or soul. His comedies are great, I love them, but this movie will always be his masterpiece (in my opinion).  I will never watch this movie again because I cried like a small child, but it will forever be one of my favorite movies.

       AVATAR– the progressive story of Jake Sully, a marine who is disabled, who travels to the fictional (well it’s not fictional in the movie) world of Pandora and there he finds out who he truly is.

       This story is one of my favorites for many reasons.  Again, the recurring theme, star-crossed lovers, the art and cinematography was beautiful.  The score sounded just like Titanic (thank you James Horner for using your same compositions for both movies).  I loved the way the Na’vi lived, and I wish that humans could take this movie for reality and realize that we are killing our planet, and we will kill other planets unless we change our mode of thinking.  This movie was a green-peace lovers’ dream.

       CIRCLE OF EIGHT – this is a movie about a girl, Jess who moves to L.A. but in her new apartment building there are some strange people, and even stranger secrets.

       This movie was an indie movie that I think about 8 people have seen (it needs to be soon by way more).  I loved the mystery, the conclusion, the acting, the plot, the dialogue.  This movie was phenomenal.  I feel bad when indie movies don’t get enough play because of their lack of advertising and lack of budget. 

       Now I would like to take a moment to talk about my favorite pop culture movies, which are vastly different from my favorite movies seeing as how they are not necessarily brilliant but they are either franchises with which I am in love or just wildly popular and somehow I fall into the mainstream.

       GET HIM TO THE GREEK – This movie is mainstream, and hilarious.  It’s about a young music fanatic/talent exec. who has to go to England and bring Arduous Snow to the Greek theatre for a reunion tour.  During this seemingly simple task crazy things ensue, as well as hilarity.

       THE HANGOVER – Again, a popular comedy.  I think the characters were different enough to be funny, but similar enough to make sense (otherwise it would be like, why are they friends).   I laugh hysterically at this movie every time.


      PINEAPPLE EXPRESS –  Best. Stoner. Movie. Ever.


      ZOMBIELAND – Admittedly this movie has its ups and downs in hilarity; but the first 15 minutes solidified my favoritism. Cardio.

       HARRY POTTER that being said my favorite Harry Potter movie is HALF-BLOOD PRINCE I say this knowing that it did not follow the book and knowing the hate mail will pour in. I think it had the right amount heart and humour.  I also really like PRISONER OF AZKABAN.  If I were going to rate them in order it would be as follows: HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, PRISONER OF AZKABAN, DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1, GOBLET OF FIRE, SORCERERS STONE, CHAMBER OF SECRETS, ORDER OF THE PHEONIX. Now, sorcerer’s and chamber were the best adaptations of book to film, and Order wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my favorite (book or movie).  So there you have it. Harry freakin Potter

       THE TWILIGHT SAGA – Now, I know that sparkly vampires and hot-headed wolf shifters aren’t for everyone; but they’re for me. So shut up.  That being said my favorite movie of the franchise thus far is ECLIPSE.  I loved the graphics, the battle, the acting, and the characters.  This was my favorite in the novels too.  I just really enjoy love triangles. Now to order them: ECLIPSE, NEW MOON, TWILIGHT, BREAKING DAWN. I know I’ll hate Breaking Dawn ‘cause I didn’t like the book.  I loved Eclipse, New Moon and Twilight are kind of tied though, but since I’m totally pro Jacob it kind of makes New Moon a notch higher.


       Finally (you thought I’d never get there huh?) I will discuss movies I think you should not see. Ever.  Don’t waste your time. Your brain power. Or your life force.

       THE BOX – It was confusing, and not in a good way, the acting was okay, the plot was so out there.  It didn’t have any redeeming qualities except James Marsden is hot.

       SKYLINE – Yea… the acting was ridic. The plot was worse.  The only cool thing was the special effects of their eyes, it reminded me of vampire diaries when the vampires vamp out… but don’t waste your time just for that reason (just watch vampire diaries instead. You’ll get sexy vamps and great plot line). 

       THE HAUNTED AIRMAN – Sorry RPatz but this movie sucked.  I don’t think anyone should have to endure a movie that uses horrible graphic effects, asinine plot and terrible acting.

       ZOMBIES VERSUS VAMPIRES – Yea.. this movie isn’t about that at all.  It’s about a non-lesbian with lesbianism tendencies.. and even then that’s not really what its about.  It’s dumb.  It gives indie films a bad name.

So. To recap:


      STEP UP
















      THE BOX




On a side note: seasons sets are becoming quite popular… you should peruse the following: VAMPIRE DIARIES, 90210 (THE NEW AND OLD VERSIONS), HELLCATS, DAWSONS CREEK (BEST.SHOW(not about vampires)EVER), BOY MEETS WORLD. Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Tron: Legacy and other random movie tangents :)

  1. Mindy December 20, 2010 / 5:16 pm

    I love this post…and mostly agree. 🙂 Except about Step up but what are you going to do. 😉
    I agree that Reign Over Me was Adam sandlers BEST rule! He was AMAZING! I love Love Love Titanic. (Duh) and Romeo and Juliet was wonderful. In to Wild, still makes me think…I am super glad I didn’t see Zombies vs Vampires that sounds stupid, and equally glad I missed out on haunted airman! 🙂

  2. writeforabsolution December 20, 2010 / 6:06 pm

    yea, don’t rush out for those ones… horrible D: But I’m glad we can agree on most things; I mean, pretty much all my opinions are the right ones 😉

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