Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 15

A review of the 15th volume of Ouran High School Host Club: Created by Bisco Hatori

In this Volume we find that the two leading characters are FINALLY coming to terms with their feelings (it only took 61 Chapters or so).  Side characters, such as Mori and Huni, are realizing what their roles are, and will continue on to be.  The volume is wrought with progress and humor.

This volume was fun.  Bisco continues to write the same loveable fluff.  Although the story is finally progessing! (Graduation say what? And they’re actually going to acknowledge birthdays?  Scandal!)  I’m glad the story is starting to progress because really how many “spring festivals” can one manga have without the characters noticably aging? (It’s like how Maggie in “The Simpsons” is still 2 years old, after 500 episodes xD ) One of my favorite things about Ouran is that it makes fun of itself; which makes the ridiculousness even more fun because the author knows it, and the characters break the fourth wall by making note of some of the more obvious plot details.  For example, they note a lot that time never really seems to make sense in the book, and the characters like to point these things out.  It makes the story a lot of fun to read. 

The art is really well done too.  I’ve always liked Bisco’s style, and the art is not failing in this episode either.  The expressions of the characters, the backgrounds, all well done without taking away from the story; but complimenting it in a nice way.  I am also always in love with Tamaki’s innermind theatre when that comes about. 

I think this was a fun addition to the series and I look forward to volume 16! Whenever the heck that will be released.

Oh side note on the cover art: I hate Kyouya’s sandals.  Just sayin’.


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