Writing Routine

I realize that writing should be a free spirited thing.  I should feel the need to write only when I’m struck with the inspiration.  Well, since I’m not independently wealthy and have that leisure to write only when I feel like it I’m going to have to set up some sort of routine.  I do keep a notebook or a pen at least handy for when that perfect scene hits me but otherwise I write on a schedule.  Now that I’ve taken up healthy living my writing schedule will remain close to mornings.  I will wake up, exercise, shower, write, go to work, read, go to sleep repeat.  Not exactly the most vigorous of regimes but at least it gives me plenty of hours in the morning to write, and if the words just aren’t coming I can switch out for reading and write when I get home.  I’m liking the idea of this structure.  😀 Anyway, thought I’d share.

The feudal Japan story still goes well. And I’m working on the “Whitaker Boys” now, although clearly that’s going so well because I am blogging rather than writing. xD

Blessed be,



One thought on “Writing Routine

  1. Angela Eastman February 2, 2010 / 2:53 am

    Why hello there, friend.

    Routines are hard for me, too, especially considering I don’t have a regular life schedule to begin with. But I’ve gotten good at writing at least a page of something before i konk out for the night, and spending a good chunk of my day off writing/editing/whichever.

    Follow my blog tooooo


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